What – Why – How

I’ve decided to undertake a personal fundraising project for Action Against Hunger – a humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger: to do this I will attempt to cook the national dishes of the 42 countries currently supported by the charity, as well as the 5 countries where Action Against Hunger operates from.


795 million people in the world to not have access to enough food to lead a healthy life. That is 1 in 9 people in the world that suffer from malnutrition. The UN World Hunger Programme says; “There is enough food in the world to feed everyone and no scientific breakthroughs are needed. Today’s knowledge, tools and policies, combined with political will, can solve the problem.”  https://www.wfp.org/hunger/stats


Those of you who know me, know how much I love to cook. I literally cook ALL the time. I’ve been thinking for a while now of ways that I can make my hobby into something more. I, like so many, (particularly living in London) have almost unrestricted access to pretty much all of the world’s ingredients and produce that you can imagine. I came up with idea that since I’m already always challenging myself to cook different cuisines I could carry on doing that while raising money for charity.

Through this project I hope to raise at least £1000 to support the recipients of the charitable activities of Action Against Hunger alongside campaigning to eradicate world hunger. Find out where the money goes here: http://www.actionagainsthunger.org.uk/who-are-we/how-we-spend-your-money.


So I plan to do this in two and a half ways:

1. For EVERY post that I cook from the list I will donate through my Just Giving fundraising page.

2. I will invite people to my  home to come and eat these dishes! For every person that comes to eat I will ask that they make a minimum donation of £10 towards my fundraiser.

2 1/2. For those who can’t come and eat or if you just like the look of my food, donate anyway!



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